Our Dynamic Connection

We share a vision of vitality.

EMK President, Fabian De Mortier, Dr. Thiago Freire, Research & Innovation, Jessica Chiajaya, Vice President.

When I met EMK owners, Fabian De Mortier and

Jessica Chaijaya, I knew it was a connection arranged by destiny.

I was so ignited by their vision of the frontier of youth preserving skin care, I wanted to be involved in what they were doing. They felt the same way about my passion for being at the frontier of anti-aging medicine and my holistic approach to total wellness.

Many skin care lines work with a dermatologist to create newness. That’s good. EMK believes in going deeper and that’s why our collaboration is something exceptional.

By understanding what occurs in the overall aging process, and the factors that can be manipulated, so to speak, we believe that we can create skin treatments that are radically different and exceed expectations. That’s what we’re doing.


The world is our oyster.

You know I am always seeking and exploring. EMK has that same global viewpoint. We believe that there is no end to the amazing influences of unique cultures and nature’s hidden resources. Traditional and visionary healing methods coupled with new and ancient wellness ingredients are producing unprecedented results in keeping us healthier feeling and looking younger and more vital. This pursuit must go on.


Skin is for life.

Your skin is a visual statement of your interior. If we can comprehend how important skin is to our health and the vital functions it performs to protect us, we will know how crucial it is to treat it with the utmost care.

EMK creates only the most superior skin treatments and demands uncompromising quality. That’s why the skin care collection is simple and really sublime. Together, we are committed to designing only exceptional products that are essential for restoring and preserving healthy skin.

Ultimately, healthy skin is beautiful skin, and that’s what we’re all wanting, isn’t it?

I’m very excited to be part of EMK’s future. Stay tuned!