Thiago Freire, M.D. Anti-Aging Medicine Assoc. Lecturer University of Moscow

This amazingly energetic physician is inspirational, passionate, and an award winning intellect. He is at the forefront of global advancements in anti-aging medicine. As an Associate Professor and lecturer at the University in Moscow, Dr. Thiago teaches family physicians about breakthrough research and techniques in the pioneering discipline of anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Thiago Freire caught the eye of EMK because he is relentless in his research on anti-aging and holistic in his approach to wellness. His knowledge gives us an eye to the future of scientific developments that lead to truly exceptional skin care.

You may say, “But he’s so young, what can he know about aging and age prevention?” And yet why would an older person be trusted to have all the latest medical research about the best new treatments, procedures, advice, and perspective. Not only do his students and patients appreciate his astute knowledge, international communicators, editors, and journalists seek his advice and convey it to millions of viewers.


Notable Achievements:

  • Olympiad award in biochemistry in 2011
  • Graduated with honors from PFUR University in Moscow, Russia
  • Published researcher
  • State Diploma from World Association of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Contributing columnist on Wellness and Anti-Aging for the Wall Street International Magazine

Dr. Thiago’s philosophy is that we can maintain vitality, mindfulness, and attractiveness as long as we live. That’s a brilliant vision.

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“Grow up but not old.”

“It’s only natural that we want to look attractive, whatever our age. We want to feel excited and optimistic about life and keep doing the activities we love to do. Yet age changes our appearance, often leads to feelings of depression and lethargy, and prevents many from doing things that bring joy.

It doesn’t have to be like this. I know, because I have first-hand experience working with countless patients of all ages, helping them change their approach to aging, look younger, feel better, and live more enriching lives.

I’ve seen great life transformations occur when there’s a shared commitment and vision between the medical practitioner and the patient. Behaviors, attitudes, and even relationships change for the better as a result.

I see people “grow up but not old,” as in looking aged beyond their years and becoming less able. It’s an incredibly exciting thing to see and is the most rewarding aspect of my career.

I love sharing my ideas about healthy living and to inspire and encourage you to change habits and attitudes, if you need to, or keep going onto higher levels of living your ultimate life.

You see, you can do it. That’s not a hollow “motivational” statement, I assure you. I have been blessed to help some of the best-known names in the entertainment industry to live healthier lives. And I’ve worked alongside the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field of anti-aging medicine and treatments.

Still, being a family doctor and looking after everyday folks like us is what I most love doing. One of the most memorable moments of my career was a day spent treating a grandmother, her children, her grandchildren, and her neighbors in a small country village. I visited this kind and sweet lady’s home and she took to me so well that she insisted I stay for lunch. I then spent the rest of the afternoon treating her circle of family and friends, imparting energy and receiving energy from them in return. By the end of the afternoon we were on this lady’s roof, as she demonstrated how young she felt! (By the way, I didn’t prescribe that!)

So my blog articles are not at all a substitute for your own personal health care program with your physicians or a prescription for anything other than joyful, vital aging. I truly believe with the right insight and knowledge we can lead the life we want to lead, looking and feeling the best we can.

I appreciate your letting me share with you my tips on skin health, lifestyle, wellness, and the joys of travel. I hope to help you stay curious and full of the vitality of life, at every age and stage.