Dr. Thiago on MNC TV: Why we age prematurely

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See it soon! My TV interview on aging.

Aging is not so much a matter of counting birthdays as of changes in fitness, in the way your body works and reacts.  If your body changes enough that you look, feel, and function differently than when you were younger, age may be overtaking you.


What is early aging?

Early aging is when you look and feel older than you are. Yes, it’s about physical appearance, but it’s also about self-confidence and physical ability. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people who look old physiologically age quicker than people of the same biological age but who look young. That’s why a good skin care line is vital not only for looking young outside, but also for keeping younger on the inside! Everything is connected and proven!

Chronological age and biological age are not the same. Aging is a physiological process that at times is only remotely connected to how old you are!

Without the diseases of premature aging, normal human life expectancy is estimated to be 120 years.

Unfortunately, conventional medical care has focused more on symptom relief with pain medications and surgical procedures and less on reversing the accelerated aging process, which is potentially more effective over the long term.  If premature aging can be halted and normal function reestablished, then people not only will live longer but also will have a higher quality of life with the elimination of pain.


Why does premature aging happen?

There are several reasons: too much unprotected exposure to the sun, not practicing a good skin care routine, smoking, eating an unhealthy diet, being under stress, not getting enough sleep, drinking too much, no physical activity and depression.

Various factors cause the body to deteriorate, including injuries that do not heal completely, allergies, toxic chemicals and heavy metals, poor nutrition, excessive radiation sunlight, overwhelming stress, and inactivity.



How can people know they are aging earlier than the normal?

They look tired, they have wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture. Constant chronic fatigue is also a sign.

Our outward appearance says a lot about what is going on inside our body. If a person appears to be aging prematurely then it is probably not just occurring on the outside.

Frequently, however, a body that is aging prematurely sends a message to its owner that it is malfunctioning.  The most common message is pain.  The cause of the pain might include such factors as inflammation, joint instability, insufficient blood supply, or pressure within an organ or on surrounding tissues.

Of course, the earliest and most obvious signs include men losing their hair at a young age and men and women needing reading glasses because of presbyopia (inability to focus on near objects).


Best foods to prevent early aging?

Generally, preventing premature aging involves eating a balanced diet. Particular foods that can help include high protein foods (lean beef, eggs, or salmon, for example), fruit (particularly oranges, grapes, and avocado), vegetables (particularly brussels sprouts), and oats.

My favorite: Seaberry- or Sea Buckthorn.

Focus on increased fruit and vegetable consumption!

If your typical meal is dominated by food that is white, brown and gray then what you are eating is probably making you old.  Instead, think “color and crunch.” Eat meals that are dominated by juicy, crunchy foods rich in reds, oranges, purples, and greens.

Therapeutic Fasting is the modern scientific proven approach I see in every anti-aging congress I attend! This is a common truth taught worldwide in different anti aging schools and one of the most exposed topics in modern anti-aging research.

According to research at the University of Southern California published in June, 2014, prolonged fasting reduces levels of the enzyme PKA, which is linked to aging.

Since 2014, there have been thousands of published research studies about caloric restriction. The results are impressive!


To do list to prevent early aging besides food?

Always wear sunscreen.

Always wear sunglasses when in the sun. This will stop you squinting as squinting leads to wrinkles around your eyes.

Start practicing a good skin care routine at an early age including daily cleansing and moisturizing as well as regular exfoliating.

Stop smoking and drink less alcohol.

Take measures to lower levels of stress by, for example, taking up a new hobby.

Go to bed earlier so you can get more sleep. Your aim should be to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night and also to have a regular sleep schedule and routine.



What are the factors that make early aging happen?

Some factors have a bigger impact on aging than others. Smoking is one of the main causes of early aging. If you don’t smoke the next most important is protecting your skin from the sun. This includes covering up when the sun is at its strongest and always wearing sunscreen, including when it is cloudy. Also, sunscreen helps to protect your skin from general pollutants in the environment. Remember as well that some indoor lights emit harmful UV rays too.

Stress also affects how old you look – for example, stress can cause inflammation. Daily meditation and deep breathing exercises can help to lower your stress levels. Both Eastern and Western medicine recognize that stress can affect the adrenal glands and accelerate aging process.

Hygiene is very important. An easy to do and very important step is to take care of your teeth, hair, skin, and body daily. A good skin regimen will make an amazing difference in age prevention.


Why has early aging become such a “big” thing?

Everyone wants to look as young and vibrant as possible. In addition, there is a higher expectation among people now as there have been significant developments in the health and beauty industries. These developments have made it possible for people to stay young looking for younger.


Your ideas for treatment and prevention?

I believe that patients should not blindly accept professional advice that they are “just getting older” or that they “will just have to learn to live with it” or that there is “nothing more we can do”.  Anti-aging therapy and complementary medicine offers innovative approaches now, that will likely become common practice this century.

A health restoration program could include many modern laboratory assessments such as testing for antioxidant status, digestive analysis, immune system function, hormone status, circulation, and other aging markers.  Then a comprehensive treatment program can be established that emphasizes nutritional therapies, digestive cofactors, enzyme enhancement, hormone balancing, and lifestyle changes.

Disease has a greater impact on how your body functions than does aging alone. Therefore, staying fit and healthy is an important part of keeping your body operating as if it were still young.

Massage can reduce the chronic stress on the body that interferes with normal functioning and contributes to premature aging. And paying attention to external youthfulness, as research has proven that looking young outside directly impacts how you age inside! 


My top advice for looking young outside?

Plant Placental skin care! 

Yes! Tests show that Plant Placenta enhances skin’s oxygenation and protein synthesis. (link to tech page) Cells use oxygen to synthesize more protein, which is super important for good functioning and structure of the skin!

If you add plant placenta to gentle daily exfoliation treatment and keep removing daily dead cells, you’ll see exceptional results that will make your skin look younger and more radiant.

I created a new product with EMK Bioplacenta® and 24K gold to exfoliate and restore bright, radiant, young looking skin. You’ll want this for your regular skin routine, I promise!


IT’S COMING SOON… EMK 24K Gold Peeling Gel. 

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